Epic High-London

Its raining and misty outside and this just perfectly fits the mood....

New Beginnings

I'm coming up on the halfway point of my second year in college and I finally found that I am not doing what I love.  I fucked up.  Why did it take so long to see a talent, and utilize it? I've always been artistic, but I never thought anything would come out of it.  I decided a bit late, and now I have less than a week to prepare a portfolio for the NCSU College of Design.  Its quite difficult to get in I hear.  This week, I will be getting as high as possible, off tunes like these, and creating some masterpieces, (or pieces of shit) for my portfolio.  I'm going back into my cave now.

This is a new favorite of mine. I've never even heard of the artist before but this song has a certain feel to it,  one of epic proportions....


I finally picked up a starter today, after its been god knows how long. I'm a lazy ass. But anyways, the guy who I bought it from is really chill, has watanabes on his tow vehicle haha. I might be picking up some SSR MKii from him soon too. good stuff.

I'm going to put the starter in tomorrow hopefully it'll be running nicely again.  I also need to get working on a design portfolio. I can't stand management anymore and need to do something that I love.  

God, I feel it already. I've never had my OWN car. This corolla is truly what I've been wanting. I can't wait to see how it evolves over time, with its rust and all! haha.

I'll change it up for once and post some photography.

courtney x parkway at 1am

It's the weekend!

Man, I have a completely packed weekend.  I need to meet up with the guy selling me a starter for the 86, find time to put it in in my packed college parking lot, get rolls of film developed, take pictures for a sociology project, buy art supplies, use art supplies, get into college of design, etc.  WOOWEE!

As for media, just music again. I'm going to be taking/posting photos soon though, so that'll change things up a bit.  

Here are some grimy, filthy, slimy, pure trashy dubstep tunes for you. Play these at your party and get all the frat boys to leave! 

Paz x hachiroku x old style

No real description needed.  This was back in the day. I'm speechless about his wheel size/fitment.

Uyama Hiroto x Nujabes

So, I've had a super stressful, eventful evening. I love being able to find some truly great music to relax to. Not just to relax to, to truly lift the spirits actually. Its rare to come by, but I believe I have found something perfect for that. Uyama Hiroto is the lesser known counterpart to Nujabes. He has a similar style to Nujabes but has more of a jazz influence. Both are amazing Japanese producers.

New PUTS album dropped this weekend!

The seventh album by LA's People Under the Stairs dropped this weekend and its as fresh as ever. I would have thought that PUTS would become more mainstream by now, as their popularity is increasing. But I was completely wrong, this album is as fresh as OST.  They keep their funky soul samples, and most importantly, keep that sunny LA party vibe. Boogie down to this at the roller disco, or at your next party, you won't be disappointed.

Oh and support your favorite artists, buy the CD!!! Keep the music alive!

To the Mountains!

I'm going backpacking again this weekend!

But before that, a few things:

Matt's TL is getting a makeover soon. It's top secret though so not telling. All I'm going to say is that its going to be 10x doper than it already is.

Scott tweaked the zenki a bit so I'll get to see it this weekend and take some snaps.

Everyone is doing things to their cars!!!! while mine doesn't even run :( oh well. Starter coming next week so i'll get it on the road and begin working on it.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, I've got 2 rolls of expired film to develop. I'm so excited to see how those will turn out. Just started shooting film more seriously now, and man, its nice to change up the medium once in a while.  You just get a certain feel from it. Maybe its the grain, maybe its the nostalgia, maybe its the fact that there is a certain chain of events that film employes. Instead of a computer chip recording images, film is physical! I might take a roll of B&W to the mountains this weekend, but then again, I've already shot B&W while camping. Hmmm. We'll see.

Anyways, I feel like posts without music are wasted so here's one for the weekend:

Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me

(almost) fitment

so if anyone has seen the shakotan s30z that's been flying around the interwebs, you will know its an amazing car.  in fact, i'll probably end up posting it like everyone else has, just because its just oozing soul and style.

well, the reason I mention it, is because i had the good fortune of seeing scott this weekend and he finally has his new shoes on the car. yes they're motegi's. no they're not negative offset. we live in the south for christ's sake. we have never even seen a car with good fitment thats NOT on the internet. so once we both got out of the honda scene, and got the cars we've been wanting forever, it was time to step up the game.  scott's car to me, is like the s30z. it has faded paint all over the roof and trunk. ziptied bumpers. the paint is completely peeled off the front bumper, where graffiti and other funny comments currently reside in its place. but the car is dumped and has *almost* good fitting wheels. some stretch, some lip. ahh, its all good. this car has soul. the owner works his ass off, and has been dreaming of owning another 240 for quite a while.  long hours have gone into it and i think it deserves some cred.  here's to all the cars and owners that try to take it to the next level of soulful styling...

goodbye, oh faithful fit!

Took the SSR's off the fit, which are for sale btw, to the 1 person that reads this blog LOL. Since I never posted up pics of it with them on, here it is, in all its glory. Wasn't ever as low as I wanted, as flush as I wanted, but it was different.  The car will be sold eventually too, I just have it as a backup now, as the corolla is quite unreliable!

Music for a Rainy Day

I got back from a nice backpacking trip yesterday and as soon as I make it back to school, the rain starts as usual. Being up in the mountains again, however, was amazing. It was so nostalgic to drive the familiar but forgotten roads we used to run. Ahh, those were the days. Anyway, here are some excellent songs to compliment a good cup of tea and the soft drizzle of a monday evening...

Telefon Tel Aviv: The Birds

Tycho: Cascade

ae86 madness

Everyday is ae86 madness for me. But I'm bored as hell right now so I'm gonna finally post up a couple shots of the car. Don't be too impressed :D

holy no post batman!

I don't know why I even have this thing lol. A few friends started making them recently so I suppose I'll start back up. again. lets see how long it lasts.


I actually got an ae86 in the time I haven't been posting!!! Zenki coupe with 111k miles.  woot! only problem is, its an sr5. bleh. still fun though. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. It has some bad rust spots but overall, its in great shape. almost perfect interior, good motor, decent exterior....


We are changing the name of our group/team/whatever it is.  Undefined Prospect didn't make a whole lot of sense and sounds too vip.  Look forward to some new IGNITE SOUL freshness soon!

Here's some music in the meantime...

this is a really inspiring sounding track by Kaito:

dope beat on this diplo track: