Just Fabulous!

I love Fabulous Expand wheels. I wanted some for my fit for the longest time, but couldn't find any in decent sizes in 15" which is no surprise.. If I ever go to the dark side and/or get a car that could rock big wheels, Expand are high on the list...


Illa Chilla

I've been doing so much studying in the library at school this past week. Usually when I study, I get super ADD and find lots of good music on the boobtube. I've found so much good shit this week I don't even know where to start.

Five Deez makes some fat beats,  which is no surprise considering the producer Fat Jon is part of the group. All their music is pretty spacey, which I LOVE! very dancable too, or this first one is at least. The second track, titled "Fugg That" has one of the illest beats I've ever heard. Enjoy...

Shaken, not stirred...

Finally took a few half decent shots of Matt's TL last weekend. I've been super busy with school but this is the result. I'll post more up in a bit, I need to get back to studying for a test... 


Its been gloomy and rainy all day. I've been dreaming of eight sixes and transferring schools...  This song seems to sum of the day perfectly. Its an amazing song by an amazing post-rock band, Do Make Say Think. Check it!


So I was bored as hell last night and was looking through older photos. I happened upon this one I shot of my corolla the first little meet I took it to. I had been watching some BestMotoring AE86 Bible videos and old touge footage and decided to give it the soulful, vintage, 80's screencap edit.  This is what I came up with. I don't know why, but this has become one of my favorite photos.

When I look at it, I think to myself, "Some of the best drifters on the planet have risen up through the ranks, or torn up the streets, looking at that simple, boxy little gauge cluster. I get to see that same gauge cluster every time I sit down behind the wheel, in that torn up cloth seat." It certainly brings a smile to my face.


Under the Glow of Streetlights

The title of this song is perfect. All you carheads out there know this feeling you get when you're out with friends, chilling. Perhaps you drive around downtown, perhaps your school's campus. You feel the soft, melodramatic glow of the streetlights. You're drawn to them. They are your energy.  Park under them. Shoot some photos. Go wherever the night takes you, as long is you have the soft glow of the streetlights around, you feel happy.