same old shit bringing me down


I started taking care of the rust today and metal I thought was good apparently was not. Now I have more holes everywhere and no way to fix them. I have no idea how to weld, who to take it to, if I even want to spend the money on a damn sr5, or even to continue this stupid project. I love vintage cars but I guess I didn't know what I was up against when I bought this. I don't plan on giving up my dreams of owning a vintage car, I just might re-consider with a cleaner chassis. Ugh...



Man, no real updates with car stuff still. Got a dope new skateboard for xmas. Old school Dogtown style banana board.

I also was super bored tonight and decided to mess around with one of my wheels and a jack.  This is what I came up with lol. I just took the wheel off, flipped it, and put it up on some weights and lowered the car down. I just wanted to see what some 13's would look like with the car stanced out and I am beginning to think it will look okay. Can't decide between 13x8.5 -12 mk2 or 14x9 -18 mk3. price is  a MAJOR difference...


Nothing new. I ordered some rust bullet for the corolla so I'll at least coat the rust until I really have time to work on it. I also have someone wanting to trade my ssr's for some mk3's so we'll see what happens there. I'm really considering buying a cressida as a daily driver so I'm on the search now. mx73 here I come!


Matt has been waiting for a set of Works for his TL for almost 2 months now and he has finally got them mounted. A little more work needs to be done, a touch of camber, smaller tires in the front, etc. but they look unbelievable.  This, people, is a first for North Carolina. Read and weep, because Matt is the originator of style here suckas!



please kill me.