14's or bust.

Yup. Those Longchamps are going on an s13,  so Joey picked up a dope set of 14" watanabes! The car looks even better and SO classic with the 14's on.  I'll edit more pix and post them up in a little bit.

Welcome Joey!

Our good friend Joey has been up in Chicago for a while but has recently moved back to the East Coast and brought his dope ass Mx73 with him.  We test fitted Scott's new set of Longchamps on it and it looks dopeeeee! Look for more of this gangster sedan soon!

NYC Trip (part 1)

It was my first time visiting New York. We found a hostel to stay at and ate amazing food for the next 2 days.  I wish I had brought my skateboard to ride around with. We ended up going backpacking in the Catskills mountains after staying in Manhattan and that was amazing also. Slept under the stars for the night. My ankle was so torn up though from rolling it that we ended up not hiking the entire trail we were planning. 

Either way, it was the experience of a lifetime and I plan on going back as soon as possible. I only used my film camera the whole time so I didn't get tons and tons of photos, just a few really memorable ones! 

Expired 200 film from my '85 Olympus Om-2.


Its summer now! But its lonely here in shit shit town so I have to resort to sliding the stock corolla alone and looking through old pictures.

Anyways, this was taken with a 1970's Canon QL17 rangefinder & expired film. I've been experimenting with film here and there so I'll post anything that I particularly like as it gets developed...

Just Kidding..

...about the camber in the last photo lol.

That was just the result of boredom and jacks.  But I did put 2 of them on this side just to see what It'd look like. No suspension or anything else, just 14x7 with 185/60. Just need low Low LOW!


Test fitted some 14" longchamps on the corolla today, thanks Andrew. Also did some sliding...ahhh it's good to be home! 



No, not that kind of Caddy.  This is a dub Caddy, and easily one of the best cars at the ISO meet.  More of it coming soon...

FunkadelicDrunkadelic Summer Soundtrack

So, People Under the Stairs is my absolute favorite rap/hip-hop/whatever its called these days group.  The vibe the have is just, just listen. No frills here, no trash talking, no hype.  Just old school funky samples and a whole lotta SOUL!


Lily took the shot in the last post of the bagged GS300 and also likes to try drifting my Fit! lol.  I didn't take too many of her and the people from the meet but this one turned out lookin' pretty fly

Oh what a life!

What a hella good weekend! There was a local meet held by a group called ISO (Insane Stance Offset).  Yeah, the name is a little lame but its super cool that there is finally a movement in the southeast for this kind of stuff.  I'm sick of seeing rednecks in mustangs and civics with rotas turning heads!

I took 400 pictures and final exams start this week so it may be a minute before I can get any real edits done but I'll post up ASAP.