Levin' it up

One sick levin

Boso Stye!

Ok so I'm finally off my vip stint and have been looking at some hot deuce forties lately. Here are a few boso style ones. Andrew, these are for you!!! Now get a s-chassis!

More Bippu!

Ok ok, last bippu post for a while I promise. The red G50 Cima is one of the best looking I've seen so far. As is the late model Aristo below.  Nothing so elegant cruising the streets of Japan

more vip goodness

I've been on a bippu style craze lately so here's one of two perfect looking q45's chillin. 

Phaze 2 S2k

Most of you have probably seen the infamous Phaze 2 S2k but I wanted to post up anyway.
Here is an older video of Kazama drifting an Aristo with ease.

Old School

Can you say: perfect fitment?
IMG_8822 Originally uploaded by Auto Otaku

Bippu Style

The essence of VIP right here. Chillin' outside a D&G? Nothing more suave...
(Courtesy of: bosbippus)
One more. Nice fitment and very aggressive styling on this Celsior!

Fresh kicks

Been on the hunt for wheels for a long time.  Found some 15x7 +32 SSR Vienna's for the gd3 on Yahoo Japan. Now, only a 6 week wait...

First Post

We are Hero Style.