Random Ramblings

Forgot to say that Matt is off his crutches now and back in action, after being out of commission for nearly 4 months. This picture was taken before spring break, a few weeks ago. He was really bummed at not being able to do anything to the car and pretty much had to wait till the was off crutches. Anyways, he lowered the TL some more last week and added a few goodies. Photos to come eventually...


Should I do it?

Seriously, should I do 13's? My only concern is having to be SUUPPERRRR low to be able to make it look good, which I don't mind I just want the car to be slightly drivable lol

Skate Tetris?

Really neat concept here. Great song too:


DoubleK and Thes One are my heros in hip hop.

Round things

Snazzy set of mkii's on yahoo right now. 13x8 -13 and 13x9 -19 if I'm not mistaken. I'm going to keep an eye on these...

808 Style

I honestly usually hate 15" wheels on corollas. Its too modern looking in my opinion. This Corolla, however, conflicts with my usual tastes. It looks great with gobs of camber and hood risers. Another thing to take note of is that the tops of the kouki bumpers are painted, a detail you don't normally see in American owned Corollas. Great attention to detail here.

R.I.P. Jun Seba (Nujabes)

It seems as though I've found out a bit late, but one of my favorite producers, Jun Seba, has recently passed away.  

His spirit will live on indefinitely in his music, he has been an inspiration to many. 

R.I.P Jun Seba

Night Wanderer

Scott and I love to go to this shopping plaza to just chill and shoot photos 
after it empties out


This thing just looks so tough with those 10j (or wider) 14's sitting under stock metal. Leave the flares to the N2 cars, this is street style!

Fat Jon - "Risk it All"

Smooth, soulful track from one of my favorite producers, Fat Jon.

Sticky Things


14x9, et-14

Clean on the outside, cage on the inside

I love white levin coupes

H E R O /// S T Y L E

Introducing HeroStyle TL, photoshoot coming soon (going low low low, and more camber!)

Shooting Star!(let)

Been blog surfing for so long today, found many amazing pictures, became very jealous.. must. do. work. to. corolla. ughh....

This is what its all about people, keepin' it fresh with stock metal, fender mirrors, simple and clean body. No strings added here, note the low key exhaust too. Just slammed with perfect fitting Works. Keep it fresh, keep it old school!