Man, I haven't updated in a while. Nothing new really going on I guess. I'm still on the search for an AE86 so if anyone knows of a nice gts on the east coast hit me up! I broke the card reader for my camera so no new pictures lately.  I have a few from a shoot last weekend downtown that I'll post up soon.  Other than that, things have been movin slowly with the team. Oh! Matt did his first auto cross in the TL this weekend. He had a blast and hopes to do it more in the upcoming months. 
Here are a few more 86's to drool over

You feel me?

So some of you guys have probably heard this before but I recently found this song by MF Doom and it really impacted me.  This song kind of makes me nostalgic for something that I've never had. Livin' in socal, drinkin a sapporo and working on a 4ag in some vintage Toyota garage.  Or the sun setting after a day at the track. Ahh. What do you guys picture? 

Free Dutchmassive Download

Click and download! : 
"Most People that spend this much time on this much material do everything possible to gain monetary rewards for their hard work.  Dutch on the other hand is trying a different approach and giving away 3 Separate projects that focus on 3 different talents/skills (A Production showcase, A Mixtape, And A Full Length Album.  All Tho the album "Crush Your System" can be purchased virtually anywhere on the World wide Web you can download Mp3's and The CD Version will be released before the end of the year. He Still chooses to spread his work of love free of charge. With the single hope you will enjoy it and spread it to any and everyone who you believe would enjoy it as well."
So, I was browsin' around and found a great blog showcasing some true hip hop artists and many of them were givin' out free downloads of mixtapes. Download this one, I promise you it is worth it. Big ups to Duchmassive!

Sleepy Sunday Mix

Ahh woke up super late today and probably won't get any work done at all.  Here is my inspiration for doing absolutely nothing today.

Couple Random Pictures

Eh not much goin' on with Undefined Prospect lately, I'm still working on finding a nice ae86 and all of our cars are at a standstill for the most part. Scott got a new Strup header for the dc2 and that will be installed shortly.  So when all else fails, post some random car pix!!!

Irohazaka Downhill

Amazing skills by this 86 driver.

Kickin' it

Feelin' the need to post up some new beats. So go wrench on the money pit and put on these songs and straight kick it.

Super Sparkly Pink 86 Coupe

I'm usually the type of guy that likes super clean hachiroku's but This thing is straight hype.  Very badass car. I love the front lip! haha

Hachiroku Attack!

Look at that angle! I love underpowered cars :)

Another rainy sunday

Well nothing much happening today except the stresses of school this week are coming back.  Heres one to relax to and forget those damn deadlines.
Tycho- A Circular Reduction (Dusty Brown Remix)

Cold rainy night in Raleigh

I was out chillin' downtown with Matt last night and had the camera. I've been wanting to get a shot of the (weaksauce) Raleigh skyline for a while now and last night had the chance. Here is the

Nother ill beat from P.U.T.S

Cholo Dad- very funny actually. Listen, relax, and laugh.

~Undefined Prospect Dc2~

Ok guys, here are the rest of the good shots from Scotts dc2 shoot. There are a couple more I'm messin' around with but here are the better ones. Enjoy. 

More flow beats

I've been on a music tirade lately. Here are some of the most ill/flowy stir up a cocktail beats you can find.  Good for chillin in cold parking decks shooting pictures or going for a midnight drive through the city.  Enjoy to the fullest: 

Ill beats from Thes One/People Under the Stairs

The great weather today makes me wanna listen to some ill beats and ride bikes around. Here's the track for today. Shit flows for sure

!~Undefined Prospect DC2 Teaser~!

So, here on Undefined Prospect, I haven't posted any pictures of our crew's rides yet. Well, I took a lot of pictures of Scott's Dc2 over spring break and I'm still going through and selecting the best ones.  Here is a little teaser of the shoot. Expect more freshness soon!

Zion I - Antenna

Some ill beats

Less is More

A very minimal but clean s15 I saw over at speedhunters. This is how to do it guys, big wheels and stock bodies. So fresh!