I decided to change up things a bit more. I wanted to be able to have bigger pictures so I found a layout that allows that. 
Bear with me, as I know nothing about computers, websites, and let alone, HTML formatting and all that jazzy stuff. So, 
chillax to these beats and check out the new layout. Oh, and besides adding Scott as an author, I added Matt (the lil' 
Hawaiian who rolls in the TL) So he'll be posting up some VIP related stuff I'm sure. I'm really wanting to keep this old-
school oriented, but a little variety never hurt anybody!
Drop a comment if you like or don't like!

The Holy Chalice of Corollas

This is the car that made me decide to go with 13's. I've posted up a pic before and don't want to post them all up at once, so I'll leak them out slowly. Here is the next one.. looks so gangster!

This picture just gives me the chills. Its shit quality, contains two amazing cars, and gives off a harsh, classic japanese street fighter feel.  Who knows where these cars were before taking this picture, or where they were headed after the pic was snapped....

Summer Chillin' (is around the corner)

I can't wait for summer.. took this at a local park in Raleigh on one of the warmer days this past winter. Andrew and I are getting a place right near Scottie and his lovely lady so we'll be cookin' out, riding bikes hating our cars, and sippin on some sizzurp in nooooo time!

Slab Up!

Messin' around with paints and markers and listenin to Chipp tha rippp

New stuff is always exciting!

I'm adding an author to the blog! Welcome Scott, pilot of the maroon zenki, and fellow jalopy owner. We go way back, and have always had really similar interests in, well, everything.  We are all about fun, and enjoying car life!

So anyways expect a mix of content from now on. I'll continue posting my usual old Toyota garbage and he will probably post Nissan trash so its like a big trash dump, only the trash is cool!


Found this over at beeoneoneoh 

**Discovering America 2010**


Two of my good friends here at school have decided to fly out to LA via one way ticket and hitchhike around America for 4-6 weeks until the arrive back in North Carolina.

Apart from wanting to have a hella good time, they are helping to raise awareness for the Make A Wish foundation, supporting children with cancer.

Check out their blog and spread the word! You may see these guys soon!


I'd get 60 sidewalls but otherwise, this thing is perfectttt. Such classic wheels. Its hard to find a3a's in decent sizes...

Golden Brown...

I simply lust after any restored older corollas that are slightly modded in period correct style. Take these corollas for instance. They exhibit exceptional quality in terms of keeping the original body but have 25 year old wheels and are tastefully dropped.  I don't know much about these platforms but they sure catch my eye. I'd love to pick up a liftback like the one below someday.

Parrrrtttyyyyyyyyy time!!

Drunkeness ensues tonight! 


Check out this awesome blog. He is doing an absolutely incredible job building his Corolla.  Tons of OEM and NOS parts, excellent wheel choice, and mostly all of the work seems to be done himself.  Great blog, and great build! I can't wait to see the finished product.

And in other news today, I payed for those SSR's a few posts down so I'll have them in 6-8 weeks!