holy no post batman!

I don't know why I even have this thing lol. A few friends started making them recently so I suppose I'll start back up. again. lets see how long it lasts.


I actually got an ae86 in the time I haven't been posting!!! Zenki coupe with 111k miles.  woot! only problem is, its an sr5. bleh. still fun though. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. It has some bad rust spots but overall, its in great shape. almost perfect interior, good motor, decent exterior....


We are changing the name of our group/team/whatever it is.  Undefined Prospect didn't make a whole lot of sense and sounds too vip.  Look forward to some new IGNITE SOUL freshness soon!

Here's some music in the meantime...

this is a really inspiring sounding track by Kaito:

dope beat on this diplo track:

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