To the Mountains!

I'm going backpacking again this weekend!

But before that, a few things:

Matt's TL is getting a makeover soon. It's top secret though so not telling. All I'm going to say is that its going to be 10x doper than it already is.

Scott tweaked the zenki a bit so I'll get to see it this weekend and take some snaps.

Everyone is doing things to their cars!!!! while mine doesn't even run :( oh well. Starter coming next week so i'll get it on the road and begin working on it.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, I've got 2 rolls of expired film to develop. I'm so excited to see how those will turn out. Just started shooting film more seriously now, and man, its nice to change up the medium once in a while.  You just get a certain feel from it. Maybe its the grain, maybe its the nostalgia, maybe its the fact that there is a certain chain of events that film employes. Instead of a computer chip recording images, film is physical! I might take a roll of B&W to the mountains this weekend, but then again, I've already shot B&W while camping. Hmmm. We'll see.

Anyways, I feel like posts without music are wasted so here's one for the weekend:

Passion Pit - Smile Upon Me

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