(almost) fitment

so if anyone has seen the shakotan s30z that's been flying around the interwebs, you will know its an amazing car.  in fact, i'll probably end up posting it like everyone else has, just because its just oozing soul and style.

well, the reason I mention it, is because i had the good fortune of seeing scott this weekend and he finally has his new shoes on the car. yes they're motegi's. no they're not negative offset. we live in the south for christ's sake. we have never even seen a car with good fitment thats NOT on the internet. so once we both got out of the honda scene, and got the cars we've been wanting forever, it was time to step up the game.  scott's car to me, is like the s30z. it has faded paint all over the roof and trunk. ziptied bumpers. the paint is completely peeled off the front bumper, where graffiti and other funny comments currently reside in its place. but the car is dumped and has *almost* good fitting wheels. some stretch, some lip. ahh, its all good. this car has soul. the owner works his ass off, and has been dreaming of owning another 240 for quite a while.  long hours have gone into it and i think it deserves some cred.  here's to all the cars and owners that try to take it to the next level of soulful styling...

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