Man, no real updates with car stuff still. Got a dope new skateboard for xmas. Old school Dogtown style banana board.

I also was super bored tonight and decided to mess around with one of my wheels and a jack.  This is what I came up with lol. I just took the wheel off, flipped it, and put it up on some weights and lowered the car down. I just wanted to see what some 13's would look like with the car stanced out and I am beginning to think it will look okay. Can't decide between 13x8.5 -12 mk2 or 14x9 -18 mk3. price is  a MAJOR difference...


  1. Either one is good but I think 14's are the perfect size for a Corolla.

  2. I vote for the MKIIs, it'll be hawt and cost less!

  3. Oscar, I agree. 14's look perfect on corollas but they tend to be much more expensive. I just don't want to go with 15. looks too modern and early 2000's style. I'm stickin' with the classic style!