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"Most People that spend this much time on this much material do everything possible to gain monetary rewards for their hard work.  Dutch on the other hand is trying a different approach and giving away 3 Separate projects that focus on 3 different talents/skills (A Production showcase, A Mixtape, And A Full Length Album.  All Tho the album "Crush Your System" can be purchased virtually anywhere on the World wide Web you can download Mp3's and The CD Version will be released before the end of the year. He Still chooses to spread his work of love free of charge. With the single hope you will enjoy it and spread it to any and everyone who you believe would enjoy it as well."
So, I was browsin' around and found a great blog showcasing some true hip hop artists and many of them were givin' out free downloads of mixtapes. Download this one, I promise you it is worth it. Big ups to Duchmassive!

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